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Allow us to introduce you to one of our most appreciated treasures: MOON , a high-quality CBD oil with 5% concentration, enriched with the revitalizing power of Meladol .

In every drop of MOON, you'll find a symphony of beneficial cannabinoids, including CBG and CBDA. These compounds come together to create a unique potential sleep experience, calming the mind, relieving anxiety and providing a state of relaxation that paves the way to deep, revitalizing sleep .

The inclusion of Meladol in the MOON formula deserves special attention. Meladol is known for its sleep-inducing properties and its possible ability to synchronize circadian rhythms, which could help regularize the sleep pattern and could improve the quality of the night's rest. This powerful combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, along with the distinctive contribution of Meladol, creates an elixir that becomes your reliable ally for a possible restful sleep.

Each bottle of MOON contains 10 ml of this powerful formula. Incorporating MOON into your nighttime routine is simple and becomes an act of self-care. We are committed to your well-being , which is why we offer high quality products and fast and safe shipping throughout Europe.

The La Catalana CBD online store is your one-stop destination for premium CBD products. Whether you're looking for potential solutions for sleep, stress, or overall well-being, we have a wide range of options designed for you.

Although research on the use of CBD for period pain is limited, there are studies that suggest CBD may influence the body's response to pain.

A 2022 study from the California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology , highlighted that some observational and clinical studies suggest that CBD may be effective in relieving chronic pain; However, the study specified that more research was needed so that doctors could properly recommend CBD as a form of pain relief.

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