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CBD resins

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      The CBD Hash you will find in our online store is completely legal and of the highest quality on the market. All our hash products maintain the highest concentration of CBD, with this we get the best flavor and aroma while offering perfectly legal products.

      What is CBD Hash?

      It is a Cannabis concentrate with a high CBD content and a low THC level. Being low in THC, CBD Hash does not produce the psychoactive effects normally associated with cannabis.

      How to consume CBD Haslh?

      CBD Hash can be smoked through a pipe, bong or cigarette. It can be mixed with or without tobacco.

      Why smoke CBD Hash?

      Most people smoke CBD Hash to enjoy a sense of physical and mental wellness. Some people also smoke it to treat a specific disease or condition, such as anxiety or chronic pain.

      What are the effects of CBD Hash?

      CBD hash has a relaxing and calming effect. Because it has a low THC level, it does not generate a psychotropic effect.

      Is CBD Hash legal in Spain?

      Yes, CBD Hash is legal in Spain. You can buy it in our online store and we will send it to any address you indicate.