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      Online sale of flowers and buds rich in CBD of the Catalana house, the best genetics of legal marijuana CBD now at your disposal. Choose from our selection 100% legal and of the highest quality on the market.

      What are CBD buds?

      CBD buds are a marijuana product with low THC and high CBD content. By smoking a CBD bud, you experience the beneficial effects of CBD without the psychedelic high associated with THC. They have become one of the most popular methods of CBD consumption.

      How to consume CBD buds?

      You can smoke our CBD buds in a pipe, bong or cigarette. You can also mix it with your favorite herbs and tobacco for a relaxing effect.

      What are the effects of consuming CBD buds?

      The effects of CBD can vary from person to person. Some people feel calmer and more relaxed after smoking a CBD bud, while others experience increased mental clarity and a better mood. The effects of CBD can also depend on the amount smoked.

      Are CBD buds legal in Spain?

      Yes, CBD buds are legal in Spain. You can smoke our buds freely, as they do not contain THC and are not harmful to health.

      Which CBD buds are the best?

      It depends on exactly what you are looking for - do you want a strong, cerebral experience, or would you prefer a more relaxing, physical effect? Whatever your preference, we have the perfect bud for you.

      Are CBD buds a natural product?

      The answer is yes, our buds are 100% natural. We do not use any chemicals or artificial substances, so it is an ecological and totally natural product.