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      Discover the new collection of CBD infusions from La Catalana CBD for natural well-being!

      In our selection, you will find a variety of carefully crafted infusions for every moment of your day, including combinations with rooibos and Pu Erh tea.

      CBD infusions combined with rooibos and Pu Erh tea not only offer exceptional flavor , but are also designed to give you moments of calm and relaxation. Are you looking for infusions to sleep deeply ? Our specific range of relaxing infusions will help you prepare for a restful rest.

      Do you prefer to start the day with energy and vitality ? Our infusions to start the day are designed to give you a natural boost and a feeling of well-being from morning to night. Each infusion is made with natural ingredients so that you feel good, relaxed and cared for.

      In our commitment to your well-being, at La Catalana CBD we have created these CBD infusions that adapt to your daily needs. Discover the power of nature and feel in harmony with infusions that take care of you from the inside out.