What is HHC?

HHC is a cousin of THC and is considered a minor cannabinoid . It is found naturally in cannabis, but in amounts too small for economic extraction. In fact, commercial production of HHC has just started and it is not very popular yet.

Like most cannabinoids, hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is obtained by modifying the molecules of other cannabinoids present in larger amounts. Therefore, commercial HHC is manufactured from hemp-derived CBD through chemical processes.

How is HHC made?

HHC is made by hydrogenation , that is, adding hydrogen to the THC molecule and changing its physical and physiological properties.

Hydrogenation of the molecules improves stability and strength, meaning HHC has a longer shelf life and is less exposed to damage from UV rays or heat.

Does HHC cause a "high" effect?

HHC is not THC, however it produces similar effects , if consumed enough. Without getting you high, HHC has remarkably similar effects and will create a euphoric effect.

Does HHC show up on a drug test?

There is no strong evidence that HHC does not show up in a marijuana test.

Is it safe to take HHC?

As with all new hemp-derived cannabinoids, there is no standard dosage and research on the immediate or long-term effects of HHC ingestion is scant.

Since hemp-derived cannabinoids are not subject to cannabis regulations, manufacturers and retailers of HHC products are not required to test the potency and purity of their products.

Is hexahydrocannabinol legal?

Yes , because HHC is a derivative of hemp, not THC : HHC vapers, gummies or resins are perfectly legal as long as the THC content remains below 0.2% in the European Union.

At the moment, HHC products exist in the legal gray area between hemp (which is legal throughout the country) and cannabis (which is not). Until HHC is regulated, consumers will have to see for themselves the risks and benefits of it.

In conclusion, HHC is not THC and should be consumed with caution. At La Catalana CBD , we consider HHC to be recreational. It is highly recommended not to drive if HHC is consumed. It is best to keep your consumption at home or at a party with friends.

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