The benefits of quitting THC

There are numerous advantages to coming off THC . Today we tell you what happens to your body and how you will feel.

Stopping THC use suddenly causes a hormonal imbalance, which is often known as Withdrawal Syndrome . Unlike alcohol, which can be deadly, cannabis does not pose any danger to life , but it can cause emotional and even physical pain to those who suffer it, it seems silly but only those of us who have worn the shoes of this addiction can understand it.

A great apathy is felt; feelings of boredom and emotional instability, as well as extreme tiredness or episodes of stress and anxiety are some examples, for this reason it is always advisable to gradually leave it gradually reducing the dose.

Once this process has passed, the benefits will more than make up for it, and a new stage in your life will begin, we will tell you why.

Your mental and emotional balance will not depend on a substance

Over time you will notice various changes in your body. First of all, changes on a physical level: you will feel much less tired and apathetic, with more energy, more desire to live and even more agile.

Changes in your attitude and mental state: Little by little you will loosen up, you will have more desire to socialize and spend time with your loved ones, and undoubtedly in a better mood, you will change that constant feeling of "I am running out of supplies" or "I have to smoke before eating to get hungry" to "I'm running out of supplies and it blows my mind" or "Remember when I couldn't eat without smoking before?" …. you already know what I'm talking about.

The key, the end of dependence : you will stop having the persistent thought that your mental state depends on consuming to be well and you will feel free and capable of doing things that you previously thought impossible, when you stop this addiction and get hooked on life , you realize all the moments you have lost being "high" when you could have been enjoying family, friends and the couple fully.

Plus, your memory will improve : People who quit TCH often improve important learning functions within a month of quitting, and it's been shown that teens learn better when they quit smoking. No more talking fully in a conversation and forgetting what you were saying after 10 seconds. (if thc affects short term memory a lot and others notice.)


CBD as a remedy to stop consuming THC

Here comes the holy grail, the greatest support I have had from the family to get out of this addiction. If the human body reacts so much to cannabinoids, it is because we all have what is called the " endocannabinoid system ", a set of receptors scattered throughout the body.

More precisely, two main types of receptors have been identified: CB1 and CB2. When you smoke cannabis, THC attaches itself to the CB1 sensors and "activates" them. They are then responsible, in particular, for the feeling of euphoria and the feeling of hunger that consumers may experience.

On the contrary, CBD is an antagonist to CB1 sensors . This means that not only does it not directly adhere to it, but it also slows down its activation, at the same time opposing the action of THC and limiting its effects .

All this has been demonstrated in several studies that showed encouraging results in the use of CBD to reduce addiction. Beyond the studies, I base myself on my experience, I base myself on the fact that from the moment I could say enough is enough, smoking for pleasure is not the same as smoking for addiction, marijuana is a very beneficial plant but when it controls all those benefits they are depleted

For this and much more, every day I give thanks to these products for having managed to free myself from the prison in which I put myself, I feel more eager to make plans and projects and with enough strength to carry them out, I feel that we are helping a lot of people with this issue, people who have discovered CBD but had not found products with flavors and textures that can really replace THC, hence the constant effort of the entire La Catalana CBD team to get us home the best flowers and CBD extractions.

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