The amazing story of the marijuana tree

There are many known methods for growing CBD marijuana and legal hemp in the world, but without a doubt one of the strangest that has remained in history is that of the marijuana tree.

ingenuity and imagination

Today the methods of cultivation of CBD cannabis are really varied; There are those who prefer to grow in a greenhouse, others outdoors, etc., but today we are going to tell you about a totally different method.

One day a man who was walking among the trees in the forest saw some pots tied to the highest branches of the trees and warned the local authorities.

The police found 35 pots of marijuana in the maturation phase. Later the search was extended and they ended up finding a total of 275 pots.

All the plants had been tied to the highest branches of the trees, so it took hours of work to remove them.

Some pots were even within 25 meters high , so that the police also had to resort to the help of the fire brigade.

Isolated case or widespread culture?

Do you wonder why they hung the marijuana plants 25 meters high?

The reason is mainly connected with the location.

This method of cultivation, also nicknamed "Guerrilla" , consists of identifying a remote place, where there are many dense and large trees together. In this way, by hanging the pots at the right height, they are invisible from both above and below.

Therefore, to carry out this method of illegal cultivation of hemp or unauthorized CBD buds it was necessary to have an excellent knowledge of the territory, but also the right skills to climb trees without taking risks.

The risks of “guerrilla” cultivation

The cannabis tree model may seem like a clever and ingenious idea, but in reality, despite the difficulties in execution, it is a method that hides many problems .

As happened in the forest, the plants could be discovered accidentally and reported to the police, or they could be stolen by other cannabis lovers.

But not only that, even the animals and adverse weather conditions they could be serious threats to the crop.

In conclusion

Those who choose to focus on this type of cultivation not only run criminal risks, but also their products will never be able to offer the excellent results of plants grown legally at the right temperatures and with the necessary care. That is why we want to make it clear that there is no better way to obtain quality CBD products than by buying legal marijuana in specialized stores.

For example, at La Catalana CBD it is possible to buy CBD marijuana and its derivatives, such as CBD oil and legal CBD hashish to perfume rooms or collect different varieties of cannabis.

These are selected products of excellent quality, rigorously tested and with the THC content in order.


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