Do you know the hemp paper?

Some time ago, the use of paper made with fibers from the cannabis plant was very popular, but due to its characteristics and the demands of the industry it was almost completely replaced by wood cellulose paper,

Until today, since this paper is currently in high demand and we will tell you why.

The importance of hemp and its thousand uses

The "normal" thing when we hear about legal marijuana is that things like CBD oil, legal hashish, and in general its therapeutic use cross our minds, but not many years ago industrial hemp has been gaining value in various sectors .

In addition to its myriad of beneficial health properties, this wonderful plant also has exceptional characteristics at the structural level. For example, its fibers allow the creation of highly resistant products with low environmental impact, as is the case of the protagonist of this article: hemp paper.

Although its use has been lost mainly due to its costs and production time, hemp paper seems to be enjoying a new life today.

We tell you!

The boom of ecological materials

The success of this role could be summed up in one sentence:

"in favor of the environment"

The use of legal hemp could become a great candidate to reduce the level of deforestation generated by the paper industry, since:

  • It has a very fast maturation
  • Obtaining greater production on the same surface
  • It is very reusable (it is highly recyclable)
  • Less chemicals and contamination (clean, clear fibers)
  • Grow anywhere (limiting the use of transportation)

  • In addition, it is important to know that it is much more resistant than cellulose paper and does not yellow, thanks to its low concentration of lignin.


    In short, hemp paper is an amazing material that would help us keep the world's lungs intact and limit pollution.

    It is likely that over time we will end up with much more paper made from hemp and that new generations can benefit from it; Therefore, there is hope that in the future we can enjoy a world that is greener , cleaner, and ultimately healthier for all.

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