How I went from THC to CBD


My name is Chals, 29 years old, fourteen of them smoking flowers and resins daily with a very high percentage of Tetrahydrocannabinol Delta 9.

As of today I have seven months of consumption reduction to almost 99%.

Today I tell you my story, perhaps the story of many too.
My day to day was a constant search for excuses to smoke another one , an obsession for the hours I had not consumed, a clouded vision of reality, the same one that made me roll another one perhaps so as not to see it.

7:30 in the morning, I open my eyes and the first thing I do is turn on the chustilla that I couldn't finish the night before from the turns that everything gave me, while I finish it I put on the news and I'm grinding another one, there is still time to go to work, I smoke it rushing the last few minutes I have left to go out and as always I run, forgetting something or at least thinking that I forgot something in my hurry, I start the motorcycle and go out, while I go to work I'm already thinking about anything excuse to explain why I don't arrive on time while I'm noticing the THC invading my head , saturating my mind and squinting my eyes, I open the visor to get air and clear up a bit.


Hours go by and I don't concentrate on anything, I'm apathetic, antisocial, I take refuge in my thoughts, I just want the day to end so I can get home and run to the association to get something to relieve the monkey.

In fact, the day is over and I run to the club to get something to do indoors , it is to arrive and I find my usual colleagues, we start to smoke and we talk about goals and dreams that never come , about studies that we are not able to finish, of old companies that have ended very badly, in general, an atmosphere that plunges you deeper into the dark part of the world of stoners , another wasted afternoon, between puffs and smoke and so on one day and another, always the same park, the same street, the same club, until this pandemic arrived and they locked us all up at home, desperately and without reservations, I desperately searched the internet and on the rebound I found out about CBD, what is this? They are selling legal marijuana online and they bring it to you in 24 hours ?


first contact

I can't believe it , I'm going to read opinions about this business ... they convince me and I place the first order of hashish and CBD marijuana flowers . At midnight the people from GLS bring it to me, they take it up to the door of my house and I run to open it and see what this CBD thing is, I find buds the same as those of a lifetime, with a very aroma and flavor. notorious.

Quality of life

That's how I met La Catalana CBD, my trusted suppliers today and with all the crazy avant-garde things they bring out, I don't even want to remember thc , they bring me flowers and extractions I've never seen before.

My life today has undergone a radical change, I get up strong in the morning, with energy , with a much more balanced mind , with many projects and motivation to carry them out.

I don't lock myself in my world, I want to go out , live and enjoy.

I feel alive , and I refer a thousand times to this sensation of being stoned.

To this day I cannot do anything other than recommend CBD , for having made me see the light at the end of the tunnel with its enormous benefits and the 360 degree turn it has brought to my life.

Thanks Catalan CBD

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