CBD for menstrual pain

Does cannabis affect menstruation?

Marijuana products for menstrual pain are one of the new solutions that exist to reduce the discomfort that we can feel during the cycle. Although in reality the thing comes a long way... Did you know that in China the marijuana for menstruation centuries ago? And that there are rumors that Queen Victoria of England did it too?

Cannabis, more specifically CBD oil (a component of marijuana), is frequently used in other countries to treat menstrual discomfort and other types of pain.

Does cannabis help to relieve menstrual pain?

Did you know that the use of cannabis for pain is something that has been studied for years? I didn't know until recently... But its calming, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and analgesic properties make CBD a powerful ally to treat different types of pain, including menstrual pain.

Due to its anti-inflammatory effect, CBD also appears to improve digestion and helps reduce inflammation and nausea . This is why many women have started taking it to reduce cramps and bloating during menstruation.

And best of all, before menstruation, marijuana can also help us prevent these symptoms if we take a few drops of CBD every day during the premenstrual week.


CBD has great anti-inflammatory power , it is not only effective with menstrual pain , but also with other discomforts such as headaches, muscle aches and even chronic pain.

Pain relief

Although prostaglandins and other inflammatory molecules can make pain-sensing nerves more sensitive during menstruation, cannabis components like CBD reduce the sensitivity of these nerves.

Muscle relaxation

On the other hand, the discomfort that some women feel during menstruation is due to muscle contractions of the tissue that lines the uterus. The CBD in marijuana helps relax these smooth muscles, reducing spasms.

For all this, it is perfect to help you relieve the symptoms of the premenstrual week and during menstruation. Also, since it is not specially formulated for menstruation, this oil can be taken continuously and at any time of the cycle to treat other symptoms: stress, inflammation, bloating and anxiety.

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