CBD in Tobacconists

 CBD is in fashion in Spain and is here to stay.

Your purchase is completely legal (although with some nuances) and can be made both online and in different establishments.

Stay with us because below we answer the biggest questions related to the sale of CBD and its legality.

When did CBD start to be sold in tobacconists?

It is difficult to give a specific date, but what we do know is that despite all the bad things that the quarantine of last year 2020 entailed, it partly helped boost the sale of CBD.

In a situation as complicated as the pandemic, anxiety, insomnia and depression problems were the order of the day and increased significantly due to confinement. That is why many people decided to investigate and ended up turning to CBD for its effectiveness in treating these ailments.

Some research has proven the benefits of CBD by interacting with the body's serotonin system (responsible for controlling moods), so we can perfectly understand why the sale of CBD in tobacconists gained so many points during the pandemic.

Is the sale of CBD in tobacconists legal?

The purchase and sale of CBD products is completely legal, as long as it is for aromatherapy purposes, for some type of collecting or decorative use. (It is very similar to what happens with seeds) In addition, its THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content must be less than 0.2%, the legally permitted by the European Union according to Royal European Decree 639/2014 and EU Regulation 1307/2017

CBD sales in tobacconists vs. sale CBD online

Where is it better to buy?

It is important to remember that until a few years ago, many people did not know the difference between CBD and THC.

Despite the fact that both are chemical compounds present in marijuana, the difference is clear: CBD does not produce adverse effects at a psychoactive or cardiovascular level, nor does it cause the characteristic psychotropic effect of “high” so characteristic of THC.

Having said this and taking into account the lack of knowledge that existed not so many years ago, it must be said that some tobacconists do not know CBD products and their properties in detail. Obviously there are exceptions, but they usually have basic knowledge in this regard and it is necessary that specialized stores such as La Catalana CBD give them the necessary training on the numerous effects and benefits of CBD.

In response to the question, we think that it depends on each one and their needs: in a tobacconist's shop you can see the product and take it with you instantly, while when buying CBD online on websites you can find a much broader and more varied catalog of products and purchase them freely. simple without having to move.

Do you have a tobacconist and want to start selling CBD in your establishment? At La Catalana CBD we help you!

If you are thinking of selling CBD in your tobacconist , contact us:

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