Cannabidiol and its possible antiviral effect against Covid

Covid-19 and cannabis could be specifically related, an analysis carried out by researchers from Israel highlights the antiviral impact achieved by combining terpenes, natural compounds extracted from plants, and cannabidiol (CBD) , a non-psychoactive element of the cannabis plant.

The investigation

The published analysis evaluated the impact of a completely new terpene-based formulation, called NT-VRL-1, to which cannabidiol was added, against the 229E strain of human covid-19 (HCoV) in lung cells. The results showed the function of this formula to fight the virus once it was pre-incubated with the host cells before the infection appeared.

To carry out the experiment, these compounds were added to previously uninfected lung cells and after the virus was inoculated, to establish the aspects in which HCov replication could be inhibited. The values achieved demonstrated a "more pronounced" impact against the virus, in the pretreatment stage, which could indicate that these compounds prevent "adhesion and/or entry of the virus."

In addition, a much stronger impact was found when using CBD together with the composition made up of 30 natural terpenes from both cannabis and other plants, which indicates a synergistic or additive impact between the two.

natural antiviral solution

This combination is postulated as "a natural antiviral solution with minimal side effects that could be used individually or in addition to vaccines" , as a preventive treatment", according to the promoters of said research.
The ability of NT-VRL-1 to protect against the virus is greater when it has been preincubated. and is amplified when combined with CBD. Even so, this combination alone could be "useful as a preventive treatment for the coronavirus. As a route of administration, experts suggest inhalation as the lungs are the organs most affected by Covid-19.

CBD never ceases to amaze us with its countless benefits.

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