Cannabis Concentrates

Can you name one of the fastest growing sectors in recent years?

This is the cannabis sector or cannabis market.

Today the flower of this plant continues to be the main way of consumption.

However, the use of concentrates is on the rise, and it is estimated that in 2022 their sales will be higher than those of flowers.

What are Cannabis concentrates?

Concentrates are forms of cannabis that contain the active elements in a concentrated form . The best known are hashish, BHO and those extracted with CO₂ .

They work by breaking down the trichomes of the cannabis flower and gathering all its contents into a concentrate, making them rich in cannabinoids.

They are popular because they tend to be rich in medicinal cannabinoids.

History of cannabis

We find its origin in ancient times in the form of hashish, specifically in China, but its consumption did not become famous until it reached India and the Middle East.

Hashish arrived in Europe in the 18th century with writers such as Gmelin detailing its medicinal properties, but its use did not become popular until the end of the Napoleonic Wars, when French troops discovered it in Egypt.

The intellectual and aristocratic classes of Paris founded "Le Club des Hashischins", a community created around its consumption. Among its most prominent members were Victor Hugo (one of the most important writers of Romanticism), Charles Baudelaire (considered the father of modern poetry), and Alexandre Dumas ( novelist and playwright).

Hashish caused quite a stir in the medical community.

Samuel Hahnemann himself, founder of homeopathy, defended its efficacy in 1811, and towards the end of the 19th century hashish was already being used as a treatment for a series of conditions such as insomnia, migraines and menstrual pain.

However, the storm was yet to come. In the 19th century, drug prohibition spread more and more and hashish had to flee.

Because of this, Hash was forced underground, but was not defeated.

Advantages of cannabis concentrates

Concentrates have several advantages. For one, they are much more potent than cannabis flowers , providing stronger highs, more potent medicinal effects.

Because the active ingredients aren't mixed with as much plant matter, concentrates aren't as harsh on the lungs and tend to last longer than regular buds .

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