Can CBD help us with acne?

What is acne?

Acne is a skin condition that It manifests itself in the form of pimples, blackheads, cysts or whiteheads . The hormonal changes that occur at puberty are the main causes of acne, but stress, genetics and diet are also other factors that contribute to its appearance.

The sebaceous glands in the pores are responsible for lubricating the skin and hair. Most of the time, these sebaceous glands produce an adequate amount of sebum, however, as the body matures, hormones stimulate the glands to produce more sebum. As a result, pores can become clogged and bacteria get trapped inside skin cells, causing redness and swelling, which is how acne forms.

Benefits attributed to CBD for acne

Reduction of inflammation:

Some studies confirm evidence that CBD could help reduce states of inflammation. CBD oil could help soothe irritation caused by acne , noticeably reducing overall redness and making breakouts appear smaller and less painful. This is especially helpful for sensitive acne-prone skin, as CBD oil works without the drying, redness, or irritation of conventional ingredients.

Control of sebum production:

One of the main factors that cause acne is the excess of sebum that is produced by the sebaceous glands. Other factors such as stress, the use of other medicines or the hormonal changes that exist at puberty generate a lack of control in the amounts of sebum produced. When the sebum levels in the face are altered and are very high, the result is that the pores become clogged and acne appears. CBD could help normalize levels of sebum production and help improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Healing aid:

When the pores get infected, they turn into large pustules that cause wounds on the skin, and then leave marks and scars on the face. CBD could help speed up and optimize the healing process of these skin tags, it could also help nourish and improve the overall appearance of the complexion.

Antioxidant Effects:

CBD oil is packed with powerful antioxidants that may serve to help protect the skin from free radicals resulting from environmental damage and improve texture and tone over time.

How can CBD oil be beneficial for acne scars?

Adding CBD to your daily skincare routine could help alleviate acne scars . The pain and redness of your face could be significantly reduced by applying CBD oil or cream directly on the affected area. Some studies confirm evidence that CBD could help reduce states of inflammation that can cause acne.

CBD has been attributed certain benefits for acne , as it could help the skin in three ways:

  • Reducing oil production
  • minimizing stress
  • inhibiting inflammation

CBD oil could help calm the sebaceous glands and reduce the overall production of sebum , so that could minimize acne.

If CBD oil is used regularly, the results could be extremely amazing. Unlike most topical acne medications, CBD is not attributed to side effects according to the WHO, for this reason CBD creams and oil are gaining popularity.

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