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Official CBD Shop of La Catalana in Barcelona

We opened our first physical store on August 1, 2022, in the heart of this very special city, where our brand was born, grew and continues to shine with the second opening, just a year later at Lepant 275.

Barcelona is pure magic, full of charming streets and groundbreaking businesses, and everyone is welcome here with an open mind. For this reason, we hit the nail on the head by choosing strategic points, next to the Sagrada Familia and Gaudí's legendary Casa Batlló .

The stores are a little piece of home, a warm and welcoming space that transmits the pure essence of our family business . A place where everyone fits, from those looking for the best oils to sleep , release anxiety or simply relax, to those who prefer a good CBD infusion, vaping or taking care of their skin with our line of facial and body cosmetics. And be careful, there is also something special for the naughtiest with our Mangoneo and Fresisuí erotic massage oils! 😉

Oh, and we can't forget our stars, the products that make us the most respected in the game: our CBD flowers and extractions , the best on the market, without a doubt! We love specializing in those who want top quality to get away from THC with personalized treatment and deliveries that fly faster than light.

As a young company from Barcelona, ​​we vibrate in very close harmony. We feel like a big family surrounded by a passionate community that gives us all their support.

We are waiting for you with open arms, ready to spread pure good energy in our two physical stores in Barcelona.

275 Lepant Street.
344 Consell de Cent Street.

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