Our history

La Catalana CBD was born with the vision of offering CBD products that are distinguished by their reliability and excellence, backed by the experience of veterans in the industry. This commitment is based on an approach focused on two fundamental pillars: QUALITY and WELL-BEING .

“We believe in what we sell because we know that we improve people's lives.” - Carlos Nogués, CEO of La Catalana CBD

We strive to offer high quality products that not only meet, but exceed our customers' expectations. But beyond this, we have the mission of improving people's lives.

Our shops

C/ de Lepant, 275 · 600 36 61 16
C/ del Consell de Cent, 344 · 613 41 90 69

Barcelona, ​​Spain

Monday: 4pm - 9pm
Tuesday - Saturday: 12pm - 3pm / 5pm - 9pm
Sunday closed

Contact us

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